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  • Saddam Hussein’s CIA Interrogator: He Tried to Warn Us, but We Didn’t Listen

    (ANTIMEDIA) After coalition forces captured Saddam Hussein in December 2003, John Nixon, a senior leadership analyst with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from 1998 to 2011, interrogated the former Iraqi dictator. The detailed account of this interrogation is now available to the public in the form of a book, Debriefing the President: The Interrogation of Saddam […]

  • MEDIA Mind Control is Real: United States Patent Confirms Human Nervous System Can be Manipulated Through Electromagnetic Fields from Monitors

    Mind or thought control is broadly defined as human subjects being indoctrinated in a way that causes an impairment of autonomy – the inability to think independently, and a disruption of beliefs and affiliations. Mind control was initially considered a mere conspiracy theory. During the early days of the term, its adherents believed a human’s […]

  • Detroit woman gives birth to her 14th child from 14 different fathers

    A 36-year old woman from Michigan has made a crashing entrance into the Guinness Book of World Records yesterday at the Harper University Hospital, by giving birth to her 14th child, all born from different fathers. According to the internationally recognized authority on the cataloguing and verification of world records, Anita Sullivan has just become the first woman in recorded history to conceive children with […]

  • 12-Year Old Child Reveals One Of The Best Kept Secrets In The World

    It’s a truly incredible time we live in. Think back to all the amazing revolutions we’ve learned about in history. There’s been some amazing changes that have taken place and the implications of people standing up and doing something different has been huge. After all it led us to where we are today. As destructive […]

  • Apple cracks down further on cobalt supplier in Congo as child labor persists

    Apple said it has temporarily stopped buying cobalt mined by hand in Congo while it continues to deal with problems with child labor and harsh work conditions. A Washington Post investigation last year detailed abuses in Congo’s artisanal cobalt supply chain, showing how miners — including children — labored in hazardous, even deadly, conditions. Amnesty International and […]

  • Harnessing the wind, harnessing adversity: wisdom from William Kamkwamba

    The first time I watched William Kamkwamba’s entertaining and motivating TED talk I found myself moved to tears. Although there was much to be inspired by, from his sheer determination to educate himself to the passion he had for wind mills, it was his resolve to change circumstances most people would accept as impossible that […]

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