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12 Incredible Places to See Before You Die

It is better to travel well than to arrive.

Our world is filled with indescribable beauty, both man-made and natural, and it’s hard to say whether a single lifetime would truly be enough to truly experience all of it. Most of us will probably never see everything that the world has to offer us, but it’s worth a shot! Here are 12 incredible places around the world that are definitely worth adding to your bucket list.

Some consider travel to be a luxury or even an unnecessary burden, while others consider it to be vitally important to living a fulfilled life. Still others don’t even have the opportunity to make that decision. But if you are afflicted with a case of wanderlust, you know that seeing the world’s sights can be a deeply moving and valuable experience.

My personal favorite is ecological tourism – climbing mountains, exploring deserts or simply in drinking in the sights of the countryside. However, you can’t deny the appeal of some of the man-made structures as well – from the epic, ancient grandeur of the Pyramids of Giza to the sunny charm of sea-side villages in Greece.

It’s a wonderful and beautiful world we live in, so make sure to see as much of it as you can before you kick the bucket! Here’s an excellent quote from St. Augustine that will hopefully inspire you to get your foot out the door:

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

1. Bagan, Myanmar

Image credits: Martin Sojka

2. Zhangye Danxia Landform in Gansu, China

Image credits:

3. Meteora, Greece

Image credits: Darby Sawchuk

4. Tianzi Mountains, China

Image credits: Richard Janecki

5. Yosemite Valley, USA

Image credits: subcmdr

6. Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

Image credits: nipomen2

7. Bamboo Forest, Japan

Image credits: Yuya Horikawa

8. Rice Terrace Fields in Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

Image credits: Thang Soi

9. Hang Son Doong, Vietnam

Image credits: National Geographic

10. Moraine Lake, Canada

Image credits: Thomas Spinner

11. Tulip Fields in Netherlands

Image credits: Allard Schager

12. Cappadocia, Turkey

Image credits: Beng Lieu Song

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