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Internet is “noisy” and everybody is looking for information which is valuable, which will change their way of life, Here we post Amazing/worthless information which will not only change the way how you think, but will also make you question everything.


When We’re born we’ve given a world built on the decisions of previous generations, a world created by their choices, some good and some bad. Decisions are constantly made without the knowledge of how they’ll affect us, our society and our world. But what if it did not effect? what if we could make choices now that’d someday lead to a better world?
Every person has a choice.. we chose what we buy, what we wear, what we say and what we do. These choices contribute to an evergrowing swell that drives the course of society, Eventually defining an entire generation, but it all starts with one choice from one person.


VOICE or NOICE? (voiceornoice.com) is a website to  make decisions, we post random meaningful/meaningless content in different categories on our website, if you like the post you can make it a voice by upvoting it or you can make it a NOICE(Noise) downvoting it! either way its your choice, your decision!


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