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Are These the Dead Sandy Hook Kids All Grown up….Alive and Well?



BIN| And remember the Sandy Hook Kids choir? The “anonymous group” of kids who sang at the Super bowl just a few weeks after Sandy hook happened? Where they paraded some of the victims out in front of the world basically laughing in our face? (first part of this video).

Also …can’t forget the dead teacher who reappeared as a man.

 Ann Marie Murphy was supposedly one of the teachers killed on December 14th, 2012, when crazed killer Adam Lanza opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Here’s a picture of her.
Well it turns out Ann Marie Murphy is now living as a man named Michael Murphy. And not only that…but Michael Murphy attended her own funeral! As her husband! This is a pic of Ann Marie’s “husband” (aka her) and her two daughters.
Watch this video by Youtube channel “Crisis Actor” to hear all the evidence & details surrounding it. This is TRULY incredible stuff.

The guy behind the ”Crisis Actor” channel lived near the Newton area and actually knew many of the people involved. He began uncovering all sorts of things and started being harassed and threatened by the police there…they even threw him into the psych ward for his reporting on Sandy Hook. It was a horrific experience and he said at times he didn’t know if he’d make it out alive.

Here’s his video where he speaks about that experience.


He even saw Debbie Wasserman-Schultz at the “School of Rock”….a school in the area where it’s suspected they borrowed many of the victims and crisis actors from….some even suspect it’s a trafficking front.

So this YouTuber “Crisis Actor” was finding out big things…then suddenly he stopped and began making absolutely ridiculous videos….the Dallas Goldbug kind where they say things like Sarah Palin is actually Tina Fey, Wolfgang Halbig is actually River Phoenix… I mean the most ridiculous comparisons of people….its basically a tactic to discredit truth seekers and make us look stupid. So anyways it’s obvious they got to him somehow.

But his earlier work is great….

And you know one thing that I heard that made a lot of sense to me…. a video he did on the subject….he was really shaken up….he had just spoken to someone and wouldn’t reveal any details…but he had found out that these crisis actor parents and crisis actor family members at Sandy hook had all been informed about the incoming planetary body….the one they’ve known about since the 80′s which is almost upon us now….anyways they had been told about it and promised a spot for them and their families in the underground cities….the ones they’ve built funneling billions of our tax dollars to all these years. So finding out about this cataclysm thats coming….and being promised a spot on the ark if you will…along with money….the government launders the payment through the go fund me and any donations gained from the public are icing on the cake. (Note: A Sheep No More questions the Nibiru theory)

If you had the choice what would you do? I know I could never do what they did no matter what…but if you’re in the government and already think guns should go then it’s probably not that huge of a moral decision.

Also they’re told it’s for the greater good that guns be confiscated before the cataclysm as they’ll only cause more death and violence when society breaks down. Of course we know the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. And bad guys will always have guns.

But anyways he made that video a few years ago and it was the first he had heard about Nibiru so he was really shook up over it as you can imagine. But it makes sense that perhaps this safety is the carrot they are dangling in front of these crisis actors….one that is huge enough and important enough for these people to continue the charade no matter what.

A friend of mine has a family member who lives in Newton who played a role in this false flag (I promised him if I ever spoke publicly about this that I wouldn’t give any identifying details…so forgive me for being vague).

Anyways my friend told me that back in 2008 this family member suddenly had loads of money rolling in…he didn’t know where it was coming from…but his family member was boasting about the hundreds of thousands of dollars they were being paid to participate in a future event…a fake event that would be covered by the media as real…one that would be used to get Americans to give up their guns. He didn’t understand what his family member meant at the time, but when it finally happened FOUR years later in 2012 and his family member played an important role…he knew that was it.

So this tells us it was being planned at least as far back as 2008 and these people were being paid HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS…from our taxes no doubt. (What’s interesting is that my friend saw this same family member as a crisis actor in a recent false flag… the airport terminal shooting in (was it FL?). This family member was very blatantly doing the Shh sign in the photos with one finger over the lips.)

They truly believed Sandy Hook was gonna be it. That it would be the catalyst that makes everyone willingly bow down and hand in their firearms. This false flag was modeled after another false flag which successfully resulted in the citizens willingly surrendering their firearms….in Scotland…the Dublane massacre… where someone walked into a school and “killed” a bunch of fake kids. The nation was so traumatized and in grief that they allowed their government to take away their right to bear arms. They thought it would work here, too. They were mistaken.

In my opinion, Sandy Hook is still one of the biggest stories of our time. It should never be “let go of” until the truth comes out and justice is served and everyone involved is in jail. Crisis actors…government officials…police officers…doctors..everyone…every single person who participated in this egregious lie. No one lies about dead first one with a soul that is. How dare they traumatize the nation with a story that never even happened?

In closing I’m posting this video. It is the FUNNIEST thing I’ve seen in a LONG TIME. It’s pure gold…

Man Sends Audition Tape To Globalists To Be Crisis Actor in Next False Flag- Hilarious Satire Skit


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