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Human Zoos Existed: 20 Depressing Photos That Will Destroy Your Faith in Humanity

In a series of horrific photographs, a deep and dark past history of human zoos is exposed. Sadly, Westerners would keep people from around the world in ‘human zoos’ so that random people could come and gape at them in their habitats.

Many of these images were taken in a recently as 1958, proving that inhumane and racist treatment of different ethnicities took place merely decades ago. Those that were deemed primitive by the Western world would be placed in cages and treated like animals by the Western world in order to educate the population about the various nations. 

1. A Young Filipino Girl Being Showcased in an Exhibit at Coney Island

2. A Mock Version of a Senegalese Village at the World Fair in Brussels, Belgium in 1958

3. A Young African Girl in a Mock Congo Village

4. Another Congolese Exhibit at the New York, Bronx Zoo

5. Chief Yellow Hair and His Council at a Human Zoo at the World’s Fair in St. Louis

6. An Eskimo Child with a Dog at the World’s Fair in Chicago

7. Ethiopian Exhibit in Germany

8. Baby at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago

9. A Savage Olympics Exhibition in St. Louis

10. A Man Wearing Native Headgear at the World’s Colombian Exposition

11. A Javanese Woman at the World’s Colombian Exposition

12. A Congolese Man on Exhibit at the New York City’s Bronx Zoo

13. German Zoologist Lutz Heck with an Elephant and an African Family in Germany

14. Filipinos in Loin Cloths Being Held at Coney Island

15. St. Louis World’s Fair, Apache Geronimo on Display

16. A Scene from the World’s Fair In Which Rich White People Watch the Primitive

17. Igorot Men from the Philippines at the Louisiana Purchase Exhibition

18. A Negro Village (As it was Called) in Germany

19. Five Indians of the Kawesquar Tribe Displayed in Europe

20. Sarah Baartman Who Was a Very Sad Example of Human Zoos

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