ROSWELL: A Mysterious Aircraft Crashes In The Desert And The World Is Changed Forever

It was 3 July, 1947 when W W “Mac” Brazel saddled his horse and rode out to check his sheep on his sprawling New Mexico ranch. There had been a thunderstorm the night before, and Brazel felt concerned for his animals’ safety. But as he rode, he came across bits of strange wreckage strewn across the land. He discovered what appeared to be a wreck of some sort. A huge gouge had been dug into the earth, running for hundreds of feet. Mystified, Brazel retrieved a piece of the strange material that littered the ground, showing it to a neighbour. Wondering if he was holding something from a government project or possibly a UFO, he drove to nearby Roswell to talk to local sheriff, George Wilcox. By doing so, he launched one of the most enduring nesting grounds for conspiracies.

The truth about the incident at Roswell has remained hidden behind government subterfuge and the unreliability of ageing eyewitnesses. What is undisputed is that Wilcox dutifully reported the wreckage to Intelligence Officer Major Jesse Marcel of the 509th Bomb Squad. For the next few days, the site was closed off as the US Army Air Force removed the wreckage. On 8 July, 1947, a press release prepared by the USAF reported the debris was from a “flying disc”. The following day, however, the government quickly retracted the story, stating firmly that the mysterious debris was not from a flying saucer, but merely the wreckage of a crashed weather balloon.

And there the story ended, or so the US government had hoped. But strange stories began to grow, gaining strength by the unusual silence from military and government leaders. Among these stories were tales that it was indeed a crashed flying saucer, that the government was covering it up; that there were actual alien bodies aboard the ship, and even that some of the aliens had survived the crash of their craft. More than 50 years have passed since the mysterious incident at Roswell. Conspiracy theories have flourished, generating much media attention and providing an eternal
burr beneath the skin of the government.

Eventually the US Air Force released a report – The Roswell Report: Case Closed – on June 24, 1994, in a vain attempt to shut the lid on perhaps the greatest Pandora’s Box the conspiracy world has ever known.

Not surprisingly, it failed.


During the clean up of debris, Glenn Dennis, a mortician working in a Roswell funeral home, answered a few phone calls from the morgue at the local airfield. The Mortuary Officer there was looking for information on how to best preserve bodies that had been outside for a few days without suffering further contamination of the bodies’ tissues. He also requested small, hermetically sealed coffins.


The need for the Air Force to release a “final report” implies a guilty conscience. If there was really nothing to the Roswell incident, why go to the trouble, expense and possible ridicule of commissioning and publishing a report? The sudden leap forward in technology that followed the Roswell crash, especially the invention of transistors, is suspicious.


The wild variations in the accounts of several “eyewitnesses” and the pure schlock of such gems as the purported Roswell alien autopsy video give this potentially devastating event all the appeal of a trailer park fun fair. It has become alien conspiracy’s equivalent of Elvis sightings.


The US Government
A crashed UFO would have been a major technological windfall for the US government, and it would have wanted to keep such a find as secret as possible. Some people feel that the Roswell crash led the military into trying to decipher the mystery of the downed craft, reverse-engineering the alien technology to derive new weapons and anti-gravity capabilities. President Truman allegedly visited the crash site, and may even have spoken to surviving aliens. Shortly afterwards, Truman instigated the removal of all of the UFO crash material, including that found at Roswell, into the keeping of an anonymous multinational syndicate that now controls all UFO technology.

The US government has even been accused of torturing the alien survivors of Roswell, if not killing them outright, according to a secret policy of dealing with extra-terrestrials.

Other, less fantastic theories place the blame on to the military, testing secret planes built using Albert Einstein’s withdrawn work on gravity field theory.

The Greys
There’s no shortage of theories that state the Greys are using mankind to per fect genetic manipulations in order to save their own race. Alarmed that mankind had graduated to using nuclear weapons in 1945 (in much the same way we would if we discovered a pet hamster with an Uzi), the Greys reportedly began reconnaissance missions around military bases. This could have been the case at Roswell, where two ships may have collided, or the reconnaissance craft could simply have been struck by lightning.

Or could it have been …

The Soviets
During the raging Cold War paranoia, it was suspected that the Soviets might have perfected their off ensive missile capability with pilfered Nazi technology. The Roswell debris could have been the remains of a failed missile attack.

Hollow Earth Mole Men
There is a theory that the middle of the Earth is a hollow space containing land masses, a sun and oceans. According to that theory, the race living there might have been alarmed, much like the Greys, at the rise of nuclear testing by the creatures living on the surface of the planet. Flying out of the huge polar holes that lead to the hollow part of the Earth, these “Mole Men” may have crashed their ship on a reconnaissance mission.

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