The Moon has always held a fascination for humanity – both as a source of romantic inspiration for poets and as an astronomical curiosity for scientists. However, is it also a secret base for the Third Reich? Apparently so.

As early as 1942, the rumours go, the Nazis landed on the Moon with the aid of giant rocket saucers. These Nazi flying saucers are reported to have stood 45 metres high, contained 10 storeys of crew compartments, and had a diameter of 60 metres. Upon landing on the Moon, the Nazis quickly began building underground bases, solidifying their hold on the lunar surface while losing their grip on power in Europe below.

A V2 rocket at the Peenemunde. Did t he Nazis develop craft advanced enough to travel to the Moon?

This colonisation continued through the Forties, with the Nazis ferrying up more people, raw materials, and robots in their giant interplanetary Nazi saucers. After the end of the Second World War in 1945, the Germans continued their space efforts from their Neu Schwabenland base in Earth’s south polar region. This colonization continues to this day, with the full knowledge and assistance of other world powers.

There are certainly convincing photographs, taken during the Second World War, showing Naziproduced flying craft that look remarkably similar to the classic concept of a flying saucer. These crafts – going under such fabulous names as the Vril Odin 7 and Haunebu II – were developed at secret bases similar to the famous rocket base Peenemunde. It is well known that German scientists, many of whom ended up as founder members of NASA after the War, had planned to turn Peenemunde into a space port and springboard for Moon colonisation after what they thought would be inevitable Nazi victory against the Allies.


Where to begin? Two things give this rumour a degree of credence. The first is growing weight of scientific evidence that the Moon is not totally arid and that the frozen ice on it could be utilised by any colony. Second, video footage taken from a NASA space shuttle clearly shows an unidentified object leaving the surface of the Moon. While there may be a logical, non-conspiratorial explanation, strange lights, inexplicable markings on the surface and even potential structures observed by astronomers on the lunar surface push the number of odd questions desperately needing answers to a disconcerting level.

Was Neil Armstrong really the first man on the moon? We may never know for sure.


The only proof of the American landing on the Moon comes from photographs published by NASA. However, over recent years these photos have been classed as fake because they are full of inconsistencies. Shadow lengths are at odds with the Sun, the directions of shadows vary within pictures and there is plenty of evidence of the photos having been taken with the use of large sources of artificial light. If the photographs from NASA are not to be trusted, what else should we doubt?


The drives needed to power such huge saucers – listed by conspiracy theorists as “free energy tachyon drives” – cannot help but raise eyebrows. But with the reverse engineering associated with the salvaged technology from the Roswell crash and the lack of photos of the Moon’s dark side, one can’t help but wonder.


There have not been any lunar landings – at least in the public’s eyes – in over 40 years. Is this to distract the world’s attentions from the colonies – Nazi, Russian and American, with populations estimated at over 40,000 – at work there?

The Nazi Party of Germany

Perhaps sensing the inevitability of defeat by the Allies as early as 1940, the Nazis decided to move their base of operations to a lunar plane, therefore ensuring the long-term success of the Third Reich. Knowing Hitler’s love of the supernatural and the fantastic, this does not seem entirely implausible – just typically far-fetched.


NASA may be lying about the truth of the Moon’s atmosphere, in order to keep other countries from wanting to explore it too, ensuring a monopoly on the Moon. It’s said when the United States and Russia constructed their own moonbases in the Fifties, they were the Nazis’ guests.

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