Woman Dead For 23 Hours In Hell Reports Seeing Michael Jackson, Pope John Paul II And Many Other Celebrities

Interested in paranormal experiences? This one might be insightful.

A woman who reportedly was dead for 23 hours claims that she went to “hell” and saw several celebrities, including Michael Jackson and Pope John Paul II. Given the fact that celebrities were mentioned, that’s a red flag for the story being false. [Watch the video below]

An 18 year old from the South American country of Ecuador named Angelica Elizabeth Zambrano Mora wrote something called “Prepare to Meet Your God,” and testified about being taken to Hell by Jesus. Given that South America was conquered and the people were raised Catholic, this type of thing would certainly be in the imagination of a person there having a near death experience (or NDE).


Her story was fairly typical of Catholic-influenced near death experiences, some of which even date back centuries.

She said that the Lord has specifically told her many famous people existed in ell, and that she would then see a different layer of hell. She was taken to a place where she supposedly saw a woman surrounded by flames, who was being tortured, begging for mercy from god.

If she really saw this and it wasn’t her imagination, maybe the entities who took her here were nothing nice or Holy at all. Because next, she says she saw a woman named Selena screaming and being tortured, begging for mercy from the Lord and to be taken to hell: but it was “too late to repent.”

According to Disclose:

“Mora then said that the woman asked her to go and tell the whole of humanity about what she had seen and tell them not to venture to that place, she said that Mora should tell people not to listen to the songs the woman had sung or sing any of her songs. Mora then asked the woman why and was given the reply that every time people listen to or sing her songs she was tormented even more. She also said that people who listen to the songs she recorded when she was alive would be coming to the same place.

Mora then said that she had looked far away and that she had seen many demons, all of which had been spilling out what looked to be rain. She asked the Lord what it was that she was seeing and he said that it was people in flames and they were shouting to help them. The demons were said to be laughing and their flames kept increasing.”

Now on one hand, belief in a creator, or a karmic kind of punishment for people who commit violent acts against other people, is something that seems perfectly healthy and in line with human nature.

But this story sounds a bit like a Catholic imagination mixed with a near death experience. People may very well visit real, out of this world places during near death experiences, but for me I can’t bring myself to believe this one.

The story continues:

“The Lord then showed Mora a tunnel and there were lots of people walking through it all with chains on their feet and hands. They were also carrying loads on their backs and the Lord told her that the people did not know him yet. Mora then noticed that some of her family members were in the line and the Lord told her to go and tell them that they were walking to hell. He said that he had chosen Mora to be the watchman, so she had, to tell the truth.

The Lord then said that many famous and very important people were coming to hell and one of them was a man that had been known around the world and that in actual fact he was a Satanist. This man was said to be Michael Jackson. The Lord said that he had made agreements with the devil so that he could have fame and fans. The Lord said that the dances that Jackson was known for were the way demons walk when they are tormenting the people in hell. Mora insisted that the Lord had shown her Michael Jackson and he was being tormented in the flames. The Lord said that people should not play his songs and sing them.

Mora said that the Lord had told her that she should go and tell people that he was waiting for them and that they should surrender to him and he would provide them with rest. He then showed her a tunnel into which many thousands of people were dropping into an abyss and souls were falling at a rapid pace. The Lord told Mora that that was how humanity perishes and he cried.”

Some commenters here also pointed out that she described exactly what happened in an episode of South Park.


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