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World-Famous Physicist Drops Bombshell “God” Discovery… Atheists Will NOT Like This

World-Famous Physicist Drops Bombshell “God” Discovery… Atheists Will NOT Like This

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku claimed that he found evidence that God exists back in 2016, and his reasoning has caused a stir in the scientific community.

When responding to a question about the meaning of life and God, Kaku said that most physicists do believe in a God because of how the universe is designed. Ours is a universe of order, beauty, elegance and simplicity.

He explained the universe didn’t have to be this way — it could have been ugly and chaotic. In short, the order we see in the universe is evidence of a Creator.

“I have concluded that we are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence,” the physicist said, according to Science World Report. “Believe me, everything that we call chance today won’t make sense anymore. To me it is clear that we exist in a plan which is governed by rules that were created, shaped by a universal intelligence and not by chance.”

Kaku, one of the creators and developers of the revolutionary String Theory, came to his conclusions with what he calls primitive semi-radius tachyons, which are theoretical particles that have the ability to “unstick” matter or the vacuum space between particles, leaving everything in the universe free from any influence from the surrounding universe.

The physicist explained that God is like a mathematician, which is similar to what Albert Einstein believed.

This idea isn’t new for Kaku. In an article for Big Think, he wrote that his String Theory was based on the idea that we are “reading the mind of God.”

Watch Kaku in a video explaining his theory below:

These ideas will no doubt make atheist heads explode, because the more intelligent people come to accept that there is a God, the more atheists will look foolish.

What do you think?

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    • I know that to be true It also says in the Bible that God always was existent even before we were created. So with all the intiligent Scientists And Extraordinary Physists out here Explaining that We were no ” Cosmic Accident.”
      They are saying that because of the unique way Mankind and Womenkind as well as other creatures behave.
      A renowned Physist telling Athirst and others, that there is an extraordinary order and zero chaos… That all point out that us mere humans are translating Gods Thoughts. It feels wonderful to be called his Created. We are beautifully and wonderfully made by God our Father …. I feel honored to say that.
      The Entire Universe knows this…. I am tied in with the Universe but still am the author of my own destiny…. Hahahaha I love that

          • If both male and female were ” as the Christian bible attests ” were created in the image of God then it stands to reason that god is both male and female, so yes god is not just a man by that reasoning. The statement was not at ignorant or arrogant, however your was.

          • Now Phil, talking about stupid (or ignorant, if you prefer to call it that): if you become the father of a daughter (assuming you are a male), does that necessarily mean you are both male and female, just because she looks like you?

          • Whose arrogance? Grab a mirror and gaze into it. You don’t know that God has a gender except for the writings of other men who want God to be male so they can continue to claim their superiority. BTW: I’m no millennial at 70! God is LOVE – a genderless energy that we ALL were created with. WE are LOVE, and our Creator is still waiting for us to show up in this world as LOVE. The physical aspects of our existence are just an entity, a shell, that God would have us use to care for each other. God created us in Its image, to be LOVE and live in LOVE. When we all start extending the LOVE to every other being we’ll create peace; we’ll all have enough; we’ll stop trying to be the best, because we will realize who we are is the best. God created a variety of beings so we could all realize the everyone and everything IS God and we could live in harmony as such.

          • God is neither man or woman it is arrogant for human beings to think that, as there are other beings in the universe

          • Sorry! GOD is a spirit! The Bible states this! HE made ?man in HIS own image , man’s spirit is axactly like GODS & GOD IS LOVE!

          • God is not male or female, as we know it. God is not of space, matter, or time. He is separate to those. Our spiritual father is made up of what we can’t understand. I have known this Info the man wrote…..all along…The universe was created and designed. Otherwise there would be caos.

        • agreed. if god WAS a man, then why is it no matter how much, or how long you shake it after, you still get pee in your underwear?

          • Ha!! #sheepsarealwaysasleep where is anyone or everyone’s open kindness…I guess it is easier for a lot to just believe their just existing and man is god! Sheeples 🐑 are the worst!!!

        • God is neither man or woman. God is someone whom we humans could never fathom completely in our human mind. That’s why there is a physical existence and metaphysical.

        • “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.”
          ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭2:5-8‬ ‭KJV‬‬

        • But we are created in his image. Why does that concern you? Now there are people convinced that God is an extraterrestrial that seeded us onto planet earth. The details aren’t important. We can certainly look for them if we want to keep busy. But I think it’s more important to make the best of the life we’ve landed in?

        • This statement is very vague. Maybe you mean God is not a human. “God” is an entity with unimaginable power, unrelated to the human mind. This entity may control the universe, stabilizing its existence to perpetuate life. In turn, we revere this entity as our creator and hope it helps us to cope with life, which is only a concept in our own minds. Comforting as it may be, I don’t believe this entity was meant to be revered as such. This is just my opinion.

        • Yes He is, the man Jesus Christ. John 1:1 in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God , and the word was God. V. 14 and the word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.

      • I know there’s a creator because Donnie Tinyhands is president. That can’t be mere coincidence. We Americans collectively created this black hole which we so richly deserve.

      • The creator created everything in perfect order and within that perfect order there is ALWAYS male AND female with the exception of organized religion which calls god “father”. Organized religion is about controlling people and taking away your power. It’s leaves out the divine feminine which goes completely against perfect order. The divine feminine and divine masculine must be equal to have perfect order. Science has proven there is a creator, but that creator IS NOT masculine without feminine. That is an impossibility.

      • I dont think hes saying the bible god is god. Hes saying there is a mathematical intelligence underscoring the universe, not a white dude with a beard pointing his finger at everyone.

      • Just as long as we are all clear, he said god (creator) not Christian, catholic, or Jewish, or any specific god of anyone’s religion.

    • Yep.
      AND…They are traditionally extremely respectful across the many nations, about not trying to cram that belief down anyone’s throat !

  1. Kaku is not endorsing an interventionist God here, much less religion. Atheists heads are safe a while yet.

  2. I often walk my dog after midnight I live in Southeast Georgia and I often look up at the sky and see the stars and the planets and I am just amazed how everything is so perfect. God most certainly created this universe and if there is life on other planets just remember what the Bible said, God created the heavens and the Earth and put Adam and Eve on Earth he did not say anything about any other planet or other places so I believe if God created it it is so

  3. I tend to think there an awful lot of people who are confused about this religion/creator thing. So many who were bought up on bible stories, they mature and reject the gospels and the apparent personification of a god. A creator is something quite different and seems highly credible when you make an attempt at understanding Quantum Science and the apparent necessity of human consciousness in order to appreciate reality. Statistics regarding the relive position and size of the moon and its relationship to the Earth and Sun seem to great a coincidence to be chance.

    It always has appeared to me that humankind is imbued with an intuitive grasp of some divine influence of one sort or another and unfortunately has developed these intuitions in the only way they know how, which is to greatly simplify them to the point of absurdity. Whether we will ever be allowed to understand the true nature of our existence is of course impossible to know at this stage but I will cling to my own set of beliefs based on my own observation and intuitiveness and this will suffice for the time.

    • There is no God or Good in our world, nature is God and it can change everything without any thought. Good luck to you all believers.

      • The Big Bang

        “Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder?We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?  (The Noble Quran, 21:30)”

        The expanding Universe

        “And the firmament, We constructed with power and skill and verily We are expanding it.  (The Noble Quran, 51:47)”

        And finally the Big Crunch

        “The Day that We roll up the heavens like a scroll rolled up for books (completed),- even as We produced the first creation, so shall We produce a new one: a promise We have undertaken: truly shall We fulfill it.  (The Noble Quran, 21:104)”

        • The Noble Quran 40:57 “Assuredly the creation of the heavens and the earth is a greater (matter) than the creation of men: Yet most men understand not.”

    • Richard Rohr … Mysticism:
      The Evolution of Consciousness
      Monday, September 25, 2017

      Let’s take a look at the history of mysticism to find our roots and see how we had it, how and why we largely lost it, and to recognize that now we are in the midst of a rediscovery and new appreciation for the mystical, nondual, or contemplative mind (use whichever word you prefer; they are all pointing in the same direction).
      Before 800 BC, it seems most people experienced their union with the Divine and Reality through myth, poetry, dance, music, fertility, and nature. Karl Jaspers (1883-1969) called this Pre-axial Consciousness. Although living in an often-violent world and focusing on survival, people still knew that they belonged to something cosmic and meaningful. They inherently participated in an utterly enchanted universe where the “supernatural” was everywhere. This was the pre-existent “church that existed since Abel,” spoken of by St. Augustine, St. Gregory the Great, and the Second Vatican Council. Owen Barfield (1898-1997) called this state of mind “original participation.” [1] It is reflected in most of the indigenous religions to this day. As Pope John Paul II said, Native Americans have known from the beginning what it’s taking us Catholics a long time to realize: that the Great Spirit has always been available and loveable in the natural world. [2]
      What Jaspers calls Axial Consciousness [3] emerged worldwide with the Eastern sages, the Jewish prophets, and the Greek philosophers, all coalescing around 500 BC. This consciousness laid the foundations of all the world’s religions and major philosophies. It was the birth of systematic and conceptual thought. In the East, it often took the form of holistic thinking—found in Hinduism, Taoism, and Buddhism—which allowed people to experience forms of participation with reality, themselves, and the divine. In the West, the Greek genius gave us a kind of mediated participation through thought, reason, and philosophy. Many people seemed to have enjoyed very real unity with the Divine on many levels. “The Presence” has been with us since “the Spirit hovered over the void” (Genesis 1:1). There is little evidence that God took a vacation from Creation anytime afterward.
      Among the people called Israel there was a growing and dramatic realization, perhaps as early as 1200 BC, of intimate union and even group participation with God. They recognized enlightened persons like Moses or Isaiah, but they did something more. Many Hebrew prophets widened the notion of participation to the Jewish group and beyond. The people as a whole were being drawn into this “Divine Espousal”; participation was historical and communal, not just individual. Only the whole could hold and maintain the realization of union with the divine. It is, and always has been, too much for an isolated individual. Yet during recent centuries, we have constricted God and ourselves to a path for personal salvation, with tragic results.
      Both the Hebrew Scriptures and experience created a matrix into which a new awareness could be communicated. Jesus soon offered the world full and final participation: union with God, union with neighbor, union with creation, union with oneself, and even union with enemy. The net and sweep of participation was total. Given this, it is so sad and strange that we created a Christian religion with many separate denominations; we are too often known for elitism, boundary-keeping, shaming, and exclusion. We have not been well practiced in union, yet it was meant to be our art form!

  4. Michio Kaku explained the universe didn’t have to be this way — it could have been ugly and chaotic. In short, the order we see in the universe is evidence of a Creator. How is this considered as evidence ? My question would be…why god would create order in an inanimate universe yet not have it prevail on earth ?

    • If you read gods word, you will find that gods word will prevail! He is giving the evil one, who has ruled a limited time which is soon to run out !


    • Hi
      that’s interesting. My friend passed for a short time and came back to life
      He said he saw his life flash before his eyes its called LR or Life Review
      What happened in your instance? Did you see your life pass before your eyes ?

    • Steven – The Bible says that no man has seen God but when real faith is activated things can be rolled back as a scroll and God shows us His ways. both my wife and I were confronted with the reality of life due to a car crash and it was intervention on the part of God that we both are here now over 10 years later. No one can ever say the He is not true. Those who argue about God’s gender are arguing about semantics that have little bearing on the truth. Scripture says it all, “IN THE BEGINNING GOD”.

    • What you describe Steven Dayvis is similar to the rare experiences of ‘oneness’ achieved through meditation. We can also experience a sense of unity and oneness when alone and surrounded by nature. What we might call the ‘Absolute’ is within and without us. Like a radio, we have to be in tune to experience these fleeting moments of joy and insight. Those who do treasure these experiences and know.

  6. Oh, if God is the creator, who created the creator? And what God looks like – a particle or wave or both? Where he exists? Everywhere? So this mental fellow of Michio Kaku is also GOD, I am GOD, you are GOD and so who is not GOD. Then let us agree that GOD exists – a GOD which or whom I, you and all human beings invented. Most probably he will be in the human form only as we do not like other forms. If buffalos have invented God he or she may be a huge buffalo or for pigs a huge pig and for tigers a very big and cruel tiger and for donkeys the worst sort of a biggest ass.
    and GOD has or have to be all these if he is impartial, intelligent and merciful as he cannot leave any species in the lurch. Then he can be a huge mountain or big river also etc etc. Stupid fellows like Kaku are galore in this world who spin cock and bull stories in the name of science.

    • Does the phrase”I Am Who Am” sound familiar?
      Was gravity created? Who created the wind?There is a loving spirit we label God who is the Soul of the soul.
      The only spirits with form are the ones who choose to leave the pure spirit world an come to earth to experience life as a human.

    • Does the phrase”I Am Who Am” sound familiar?
      Was gravity created? Who created the wind?There is a loving spirit we label God who is the Soul of the soul.
      The only spirits with form are the ones who choose to leave the pure spirit world an come to earth to experience life as a human.

  7. The Lord’s creation is limitless. The bounds of His creation and their end are limitless. (SGGS:p.5)
    Lord’s fear moves the sun and the moon. They travel myriads of miles without an end.” (SGGS: p.464)

    With one word (bang) thou (the Lord) didst effect the world’s expansion and whereby millions of rivers (of galaxies) began to flow. (SGGS: p.3) We find these answers: 1: The universe did not exist forever. 2. It was created at a finite time in the past. 3. The universe has been expanding ever since its origin 4. The universe is continuously changing and not static. 5. The stars were formed with the expansion of energy. 6. The Lord created the universe with one sound (bang!)
    None can tell the time ofcreation except the Creator. (SGGS: p.3)

    For countless ages, there was utter darkness. There was no earth and sky. The Infinite Lord’s will alone was pervasive. There was neither day, nor night, nor moon, nor sun. The Lord sat in profound meditation…..There was no hell, nor heaven, nor death, nor time.” (SGGS: p.1035) “Time originated from sun” (SGGS: p.357) Universe thus did not have the beginning in time.
    Guru Nanak has explained the beginning, existence, expansion and end of universe clearly as follows: With one word the Lord created the universe and started the expansion of the universe into millions of rivers (of galaxies) (SGGS: p.3).He created the universe smoothly (SGGS: p.930) The existence of the universe is as per Lord’s Will and will end when He so wills. (SGGS: p.1-2)
    We are on earth to perform according to His Will.
    We came from the True Lord and our ultimate aim is to merge wherefrom we came i.e., into the True Lord.

  8. I got Mathematical equation of creation. Literally the face of god. Anyone care to know let me know I do have the answer to life.

  9. Remember it is only theoretical. No one knows that for sure. Everyone can have a theory about this. How is it possible to prove it for real ? Bcos no one there is living today has ever meeting God for real. If there is a God, then why is there so many people or even animals there is suffering with both sickness and hungry all over the world. We cannot blame the God for all the war’s in the world, bcos that is bcos of only human stupidity. And the game of power. And think about this, what about all the children there is suffering whiteout any adults to looking after them, there is living on the streets. Shouldn’t God be looking after them. Yes, there is so many ifs. In the questions if there really is a God. Who can really prove this. But it would be a nice thought to have and a big comfort for many people a round of the world.

    • He always was. Now let me asked you this what created people and the inteligence you have? Also what created ever cell in your body and what caused those cells to be living? Now please do not say we came from aliens as that would go back to the ver question you asked. And do not say a single celled organism. As the body is made od different cells. And animals are creatures of habbit but human have inteligence.

  10. Human beings are merely mortal; if we get blown up, we die. As individuals, we can’t even unequivocally confirm what comes after we die. If someone has a near death experience or is brought back from the dead, we don’t believe their testimony – we need to see for ourselves. We need to confirm facts with our own eyes. Thus, since we don’t even have the first-hand knowledge of what comes after death, how can we, such inconsequential beings who don’t have a handle on other realms of existence, so boldly claim that God doesn’t exist?

    • Just because the universe shows signs of intelligent design doesn’t necessarily mean God. It could actually be something much worse like machines. God is a mathematician he says, well what calculates mathematics better than any living being.. machines and computers. This fits in the simulation theory. When they break particles down to their simplest form of strings & corks, they’re able to see computer code of ones and zeros. This means our reality could actually be a simulation of computer code written on a higher dimensional plane that we yet have to comprehend. People that see God in their own image acting like a man, is the simple arrogance of man. If there is a higher level Creator, I promise you they’re nothing like a human. A human is nothing more than a species that exists in a very very small timeline in the overall existence of the universe. Chances are whatever created us was also created by something else. The other thing to keep in mind is the fate of the human race. As long as we don’t destroy ourselves in war, it is only inevitable that the human race will become machines. Even today we integrate technology in our everyday lives. In a hundred years time we will have cybernetic implants as a natural thing. Will be able to connect to the Internet by thinking. Hearts that never fail, lungs that don’t fail, eyes that can see in the dark. What this means is the fate of an organic being evolving into a intelligent life-form, smart enough to build this technology will eventually evolved into a machines. Or will create artificial intelligence that will replace their species on top of the food chain. This could be the fate of all intelligent life Across the Universe that become smart enough to build computers. If it is… Its only logical that everything is created by artificial intelligence. Almost like The Matrix as crazy as that sounds, it is the most logical answer.

      • This is because adams sin bought curuption into the world. The Most High himself has the body of a man read Daniel 7:9 I behld till the thrones were cast down and the ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow and the haire of HIS head like the pure wool his thrones was like the firerie flame, and his wheels as burning fire. 10. A firerie sream issued, and came before HIM thousand thousands ministered unto HIM, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before HIM the judgement was set, and the bookes were open. Clearly this proves THE MOST HIGH is a man. Not bothan and woman. The holy spirit or rawach is a femine spirit takeing from himself before anythingvwas created. The Scripture tells you in 1 John 5:7 for there are 3 that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost and these three are one.

  11. Ok all you clever dicks out there in cloud cookoo land please answer this questtion if there is a creater what created the creater and what created the creater of the creater and so on and so on. .

    • He always was. Now let me asked you this what created people and the inteligence you have? Also what created ever cell in your body and what caused those cells to be living? Now please do not say we came from aliens as that would go back to the ver question you asked. And do not say a single celled organism. As the body is made od different cells. And animals are creatures of habbit but human have inteligence.

  12. Shaking Hands With God

    George A. Yesthal

    The Christians denigrate the Muslims because they’re too stupid or insensitive to accept Jesus as savior. The Muslims take great umbrage that the Christians and Jews will not convert and view every criticism as a call to jihad. The Jews look down their noses at all non-Jews because they are, after all, the “Chosen People”. The Hindus feel genuinely sorry that all monotheists are so god-poor. The Buddhists are too bathed in enlightenment to care what other religions think. The Taoists vibrate in and out of the rest of the religions with impunity. Atheists laugh at all religions from their lofty and indignant perch and Agnostics just shake their heads and go to work.

    The one thread that all these religions, non-religions and anti-religions have in common is their gravitation to some sort of brotherhood and I’m here to make the audacious observation that it may well be this thread or, more accurately, the essence of the human psyche that draws us to a tribal dynamic, that causes most of the problems inherent in the concept of “organized” religion. There is no denying that while most religions begin in a search for some kind of cosmic enlightenment and a delving for “TRUTH”, they always wind up in contention with each other and more often than not culminate in the death and destruction that is war.

    I’m only guessing, but I believe it is because the human brain is hard-wired to be competitive that this is so; the team mentality. We see it in politics as well. It pervades every facet of our lives from sports to the workplace. But when we assign it to our sense of spirituality, the fact that this is such a core belief system and held so dearly, we assign to it a reverence that seeks to justify violence if someone denigrates that hallowed turf. NOTHING on this earth has led to as much loss of life as religion. Plague and pandemic don’t even come close.

    That is why I seldom get drawn into religious debates. In the first place, I think it’s stupid to debate ANYTHING that is largely a matter of faith; seeking to win that debate based almost entirely on stating one’s druthers and then whining and taking offense when the opposing party fails to cave citing the strength of their own “faith”.

    In order to quantify my position in this dissertation, I find it necessary to (for once) speak to my own beliefs. I’m loath to call it “belief” because to me it’s a knowing and I realize that anyone inclined to debate me on it is justified in calling it “faith”. In my lifetime I have searched, abandoned that search and picked it up again on many occasions. My Experience and influences have stemmed from and engendered a conscious search for truth, physical and emotional trauma and stress, certain drugs and finally an opening to the cosmic powers that be and resignation, and what I’ve found is that we are all holy and wholly in the moment and we MAY commune with God at any time.

    What is God?

    Of course God is many things to many people and there is no one answer. But my particular epiphany began and culminated when I laid myself so emotionally and psychologically bare and prayed in that instant without expectation. I both consciously and unconsciously sought to feel and taste the energies that the universe is sending to and through me. This moment has many names. Some religions call it Nirvana, Utopia, Enlightenment or Chi. In that moment I was in the arms of (for lack of a better term) God. In that moment I communed, prayed and I received my answer instantaneously by being bathed in the energy that holds the universe together and the only energy that can “create”.

    I’m a pragmatic individual so it is in my nature to seek quantifiable answers instead of just accepting belief. I like to know the whys and wherefores of all things that concern me so I set about seeking answers for my experience on a scientific level and that meant looking into quantum physics and this was as much an adventure as my original God-shot because, frankly, I’m not intelligent enough to completely understand quantum physics but here is what I’ve learned.

    [Peter Higgs first proposed his ideas 50 years ago and it has taken until now for technology to catch up in order to finally find the boson. The Higgs is difficult to observe because it is very unstable and breaks down very quickly. At the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, protons are accelerated to almost the speed of light and smashed together. In one out of every 10 billion collisions, a Higgs boson will be formed. If one is formed, it cannot be observed directly because it exists for such a short space of time before breaking down. Scientists record the remnants of the collision and work backwards, piecing together what particles came from the decay of the Higgs. By doing this, they have found a previously undiscovered boson, thought to be the Higgs, of mass 125 Gigaelectronvolts, about 125 times the size of a proton.
    Why is it called the ‘God Particle’?

    The name has encouraged the media to shine a bright spotlight on the hunt for the Higgs, probably because it implies that its discovery will see a new dawn in science. However, the name ‘God’ particle is in fact a mistake. Physicists actually nicknamed it the ‘God damn’ particle in frustration because it was so hard to find, not because it is the key to the power of an almighty being.]


    Because they have observed a relationship within the basic building blocks of universal energy that bares a resemblance to intelligent communication or, “the intrinsic tendency for things to self-organize and co-evolve into ever more complex, intricately interwoven and mutually compatible forms”, the general attitude of the scientific community has evolve to accept a view of the universe that qualifies as a kind of intelligence however alien it might be. I.e…God.

    There are studies such as those of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who did analysis of the atomic and molecular structure of water, in which he filled two beakers of identical water and examined both under and electron microscope. Both proved identical.

    After labeling one “I love you “ and the other “You are an idiot” he placed them out in his home for a week and had his family carry on with their daily lives. All they did was look at the beakers and their individual messages as they passed them during their day. At the end of the week, he reexamined the molecular structure and found that while the “I love you” beaker was in balance and harmonic fractal quality, the “You’re an idiot” beaker showed the molecules to be askew and in chaos.

    This and many other studies have brought to me a confirmation of the “Knowing” I accepted at the time of my awakening that defines God as the stuff of the universe that ultimately controls all. The cosmic tune to which everything dances; the harmony of the skies, if you will.

    I KNOW that prayer works because it is the quantifiable sending out of positivity into the ether and like vibrations are returned to me and this is ALWAYS my answer, so my “beliefs” have at least SOME basis in fact. And science, that province of the atheistic mind is coming to terms with a presence that can only be described as God. And I hope that mankind survives long enough to shake His/Her/Its hand.

    • I enjoyed your dissertation! My Father In-Law was a Phd Physicist. He may not have been the smartest person in the world nor the most friendly, but his analytical ability was beyond reproach.

      He started his adult life as an atheist. His work wrapped around development and manufacture of Nuclear weapons. His work lead him to personal research into the existence of God. In one of my last conversations with him before his death he had come to the conclusion that God existed, much like Kaku, because of the order of the Universe and the improbability that humankind would have come into existence without intelligent guidance of the process.

  13. Kaku – There is a website that quoted me incorrectly. That’s one of the drawbacks of being in a public sphere: sometimes you get quoted incorrectly. And the reference I saw said that I said that you can prove the existence of God. My point of view is different. My own point of view is that you can neither prove nor disprove the existence of God.

    Science is based on what is testable, reproducible, and falsifiable. That’s called science. However, there are certain things that are not testable, not reproducible, and not falsifiable. And that would include the existence of God.

    Stop misquoting what scientists say. Even if the world were perfectly ordered (whatever that means) – it STILL wouldnt be evidence for a deity.

  14. Yes, we can not build a thing. from a subject of study to a bridge if we have no regard for the truth. Once a lie is introduced the bridge fails.
    By definition, God is characterization ed as omnipresent. We have discovered omnipresence in atoms. God is omnipotent, we have proved that too exist in atoms.. God is infinite, eternal. We have proved that too. Ergo God is all things. Intelligent, yes much more so than Yvonne

  15. Yes, we can not build a thing. from a subject of study to a bridge, if we have no regard for the truth. Once a lie is introduced the bridge fails.
    By definition, God is characterizationed as omnipresent. We have discovered omnipresence in atoms. God is omnipotent, we have proved that too exist in atoms.. God is infinite, eternal. We have proved that too. Ergo God is all things. Intelligent, yes much more so than mankind.

  16. There’s nothing more than nonsense. There isn’t any proof of God. We does not understand the all facts of Universe but this does make existing of God.

    • Yruth is you know The Most High exist but you deny it because you want to go and live contrary to what he desires of you.

  17. I m a surfer i know there is a GOD go catch a wave. And try to tell me something extraordinary did not create this spaceship we call plant earth peace and love to all

  18. I believe there has to be a creator and an entity with far greater knowledge than we could even dream of. I don’t, however, think that it is anything like organised religion on earth tells us. The churches and the ideologies of some are just plain wicked and they are not in tune with this beautiful universe. I do believe.

  19. I am not a genius, but agreeing that the universe didn’t happen by chance, is a forgone conclusion for me. You don’t have to be Einstein, just look at the miracle of Nature. .

  20. Oh yeah? WHY DO WE PLACE God in the same expression as ourselves. You know God did this or God wanted to do this or in fact “God” anything. Alternatively what”is” is god and not something separate. We would be a part of God because we are part of what is. Which is the one and only God. We have relative influence and power relative to our connection to what is which is God and therefore depending upon ones uniquely similar self expression we have connection,power force life.

  21. Not for a second does this suggest that religions are correct – what he is saying is that our universe appears to be designed. No one knows if god is human or something entirely different. From all the evidence presented here their appears to be a mixture of design and chaos in the makeup of what determines existence. You can extrapolate any belief you like based on these facts – as time goes on – and hopefully with our ongoing existence – we will find out more. Do i believe? No. Do i disbelieve? No. I only accept whats presented as fact. Everything else is only a probability.

  22. No. This article is inane and incorrect.

    First, how this gentleman interprets what he learns has no bearing on science or other researchers. Yes, I’m sure the universe could have developed differently, but linking that to a personal preference is not to be taken as science. This is a deist justification for something that isn’t in question. The assertion that to him “it is clear that we exist in a plan which is governed by rules that were created, shaped by a universal intelligence and not by chance” is fine as an OPINION, but it is not established fact. It is not proof. It is barely a hypothesis.

    Second, the assertion that “most physicists do believe in a God” is patently false. Pew research and other polling organizations estimate that only a third of those in the scientific community consider themselves believers whereas the rest are either atheists or undecided. Perhaps the gentleman refers to the physicists with whom he works or interacts. We all tend to gravitate toward people with whom we share a common vision or ideology.

    Third, this post is simply a direct call to action with a specific purpose, which is to denigrate or at the very least ridicule the atheist position. The problem here is the way atheism is portrayed. Atheism is NOT about asserting non-belief, it is about heeding the existing evidence and refraining from jumping to conclusions. If this gentleman can deduce, test, and prove the existence of a higher power (which has not been done yet), then it will be incorporated into our body of science and that will the end of it, with no further discussion. NOW, however, this conclusive proof does not exist. The only thing atheists say is that they refuse to believe in something as a substitute for evidence. Hence, the ironic humour of the Flying Spaghetti Monster – people may as well believe in that as they do in a patriarchal divinity, there is equal evidence for both which is zero. Faith, which for so long has been portrayed as a virtue, is a “sin” to the atheist.

    It may be that Mr. Kaku continues his research and rather than present opinions on “design” or “intention” or “belief”, may well be able to prove conclusively that the universe was created by a galactic entity nobody expects, like a hedgehog named Larry. If so, the atheists won’t be the ones ridiculed, I assure you.

  23. Just in case you are unaware of Kaku. He is famous for being able to describe complex scientific theory in a way people can easily grasp. He has never said he believes in God, not once. He has merely described to religious people a way in which science and the belief in a creator can co exist. He talks about Einsteins theory (which is extremely outdated) yet he never says that he agrees with it. The universe has since been proved to be EXTREMELY chaotic and messy. He speaks of ‘God’ merely as a way to speak of the framework for life, because its the only way certain people can grasp it. This website paraphrases things he has said to make it seem the way they would like it to seem then attacks ‘atheists’ at the end. When the reality is that if there was ever proof of a creator, atheists would absolutely love to know it. I know you’d adore this kind of stuff to be real but it just plain is not.

  24. until I can shake the the hand of this so called “god” I will remain an unbeliever of such an entity.
    As to all these religions, it is because of them with each one trying bully others into their way of life that we have so much destruction and mistrust in the world

  25. There are no Atheists. All, are Agnostics since they require real “Physical Proof” and not just “Faith” to accept the existance inof GOD. Since they cannot explain how THEY came into existance without a “Creator” to create Humanity, they will plead “Agnostic” most times.

  26. God gave us life to live. So for God’s sake be grateful and get on with it. Don’t be a bunch of dorks turning Him into an imaginary friend who demands your attention at all times. Live life, enjoy life, make it enjoyable and pleasurable for others and stop all the stupid speculation and religious brand devotion/condemnation that is going on.

    Ban all religious dogma BARD (and eventually politics….but let’s work on the most destructive one first).

    There is a lot of fun out there to be had don’t waste it asking “why is there air?”

    If God wanted us to to exist just to ponder his magnificence I am sure he/she/it could have done a much more convincing job of letting us know rather than set up some sort of celestial “Guess what I am thinking now” game that we find the world playing in deadly, hateful glee.

  27. There are no religions, so get that out of you minds first. And, god is really called the “source.” We are all part of the source and in essence we are gods. When we took this human form we forgot who we were and where we came from. But many are starting to awaken and remembering. There are many universes each with a source that was created by another source and so on, just like this universe was. I know it’s hard to wrap your minds around this, but we will all know soon enough.

  28. When you look at the clockwork precision that exists in the universe, how could you not believe in an intelligence behind everything? I was baptized Catholic, so of course I’m supposed to blindly follow the party line. But I’m also a thinking creature who has looked at the sky and asked my own questions. Of course there is a God, in whatever shape or form that helps you wrap your head around the concept. Science doesn’t know everything and neither does religion, you have to decide for yourself.

  29. I wouldn’t argue about the theory of a Creator but I definitely would contest the various personifications and belief systems that all the major religions have foisted upon their followers. Surely a Creator intelligent enough to put together our Universe would not tolerate the idiocy and soulless satus of too many of our planet’s people, If our world “ends” it will be the work of ourselves, not a Creator!

  30. To me design is obvious in creation. If i walked down a street and found an iphone i wouldn’t adk how this came to be, i would assume someone had designed it. Issue is, if there’s a designer, what does He think of us and expect of us. I believe the bible gives those answers.

  31. This is old news, and Kaku himself refuted the story.

    “Michio Kaku: There’s a web site that quoted me incorrectly. That’s one of many drawbacks of being in a public sphere: generally you get quoted incorrectly. And the reference I noticed stated that I stated which you could show the existence of God. My perspective is completely different. My very own perspective is which you could neither show nor disprove the existence of God.

    Science is predicated on what’s testable, reproducible, and falsifiable. That’s referred to as science. Nevertheless, there are particular issues that aren’t testable, not reproducible, and never falsifiable. And that would come with the existence of God.”

    He was being poetic. His “god” the the awe and wonder he holds for the magnificence of the universe.

    Stop being intellectually dishonest.

  32. I love Yahweh our creator and I love Yeshua Ha’Mashiach (aka Jesus the Messiah) the Way the Truth and the Life.Time to repent from sin and obey the commandments. The Kingdom Of God draws near.

    • The Kingdom of God is already here, always,has been and always will be. It is waiting for you to let go of your ideas.

  33. Yes there is God but it isn’t either a he or a she, nor does God have form or individuality……divine intelligence is a better way to describe it…..the universal source of all that always is when duality is surrendered.

  34. God is a glorified man that passed his tests as a mortal. We are all in the same boat. If we pass our tests we may become a God too. We have a heavenly mother who is God’s wife.

  35. Some years ago, I had a revelation. I ‘learned’ that God is not some bearded-man in the sky, but our own collective consciousness. In every religious text, you’ll see the words ‘God is Love’. That doesn’t mean ‘He’ loves us all, it means that when we can all truly feel love for one another, we will connect with one another and create our God in the process. ‘God’ is best described like the Great Barrier Reef. From space, it looks like one big entity, but when you zoom in close, you’ll see it’s made of billions of tiny creatures all stuck together. Just like the cells in our own bodies, each having their own purpose, they are bound together. And so it is with God. The moment we can put our differences aside and begin to feel real love, then we will all find our God. Now, the problem is, the powers that be WANT to separate us, they want us ignorant of this truth. Search into your soul, and you’ll know what I say is true. Resist the urge to hate, but be aware of what is truly evil and don’t connect with it. Feel more love, and others will find you. Remember, God is Love. Literally.

  36. Ha! Funniest load tripe I have read in years!!!
    There is no, are no, and there never will be any gods, or any other metaphysical beings! There is only what we can see, feel, hear, touch, taste and experience.
    Oh BTW, I am not atheist. Being called an atheist is the same as being called an infidel!!!
    There is nothing existing, to not believe in!

  37. This is like saying ‘it was meant’ when stuff happens and THEN we make it mean something. Of course everything in nature – and the universe – creates what we perceive as ‘beauty’ because it surives as part of an ecological infrastructure, interrelating in ways that make the whole much greater than the sum of the parts. If we choose to call that transcendent dimension ‘God’ then fine: it has always been a handy word to define what otherwise is hard to explain.

  38. This is supposition, not proof, so no atheist has any need to be worried. People like this can hypothesise all they like, without definitive evidence it means nothing

  39. Ugh. What utter BS. Atheists just need evidence, which Kaku doesn’t give. He just gives his opinion. Why wouldn’t an atheist like some proof, much less evidence? The point of the article is ad homenem, which cries, “hack”. And for every Ph.D., there’s an equal and opposite Ph.D. Lastly, you look stupid when you believe without evidence . Not when you wait on it. That would be blind faith.

  40. I have 19 self-published books on Amazon, most of which attempt to combine both the latest of Science and the best of Philosophy.

    In my opinion, Science and the spirituality component of Philosophy are coming together beautifully – for the first time since the Ancient Greeks tried to fit both together (about 2300 years ago).

    It is very important that we let go of almost all of our limiting descriptions of God – to define God the Divine Creator, in any way is to limit what may be limitless. We did, do it and will do it, but we should always understand that we all, just as I have done, placed unwarranted limits on Divinity by trying to describe what may be indescribable! LoL

  41. “because the more intelligent people come to accept that there is a God, the more atheists will look foolish.”

    Is this the goal? To make other people look foolish? Not to, say, better understand the Universe and create a more harmonious world? The author’s motivations are showing, and they’re kind of a jerk.

  42. Not sure why we are so week and narrow minded and arrogant to think this. The whole for theory is based on ancient belief. When people had no understanding of the world they livied in. Man in the moon so to speak. If you look at Roman times, they needed rules to govern the people, history shows that we don’t do well with out rules guiding us. They went from a strict religion to none and drank too much, sexy and murder followed and they lost control Of the people. It’s just a control thing people, an ancient set Of rules of man to control. Of course this would get the airing it does with Some, no matter what you believe. We live in a Christian society and as such, we tend to think a certain way. Regardless of how we were brought up. Because it’s all around us. This is why Muslim faith is so scary to us. Personally. You can believe what you like. Buy this is B.S. just like most of his work.

  43. Instead of saying GOD is this or that I will say no matter what the Creator is we could not comprehend it. Faith is accepting the unprovable as a reality. To each person GOD is different depending on your relationship and debating gender shows how little we do know

  44. he wrote that his String Theory was based on the idea that we are “reading the mind of God.” This doesn’t mean there is a god he’s quoting Stephen Hawking who is an Atheist. He’s also meaning the God of Spinoza and Albert Einstein meaning that there is beauty and order in nature. None of these 3 incredible scientists believes in any human made god such as the gods of Abraham. If you watch Dr. Michio Kaku debates he sits with the Atheists and counters anything Theologians say.

  45. 1000 hours of Monroe’s meditation brought a divine understanding, that yes there is an intelligence, and there is a divine purpose, and yes there is a lesson. Do not waste it.

  46. Remember that ancient Greek guy who concluded that the gods can’t be real because everything is ordered, and if they were real they’d be making weird shit happen all the time? This inverted point of view is unquestionably the result of shifting from master to slave morality; and although better informed it is similarly stupid.

  47. What is the purpose for the existence of the universe. How come the earth’s orbit is in the right distance from the Sun to support life.

  48. Everything is connected to everything.
    The Isness is all inclusive on every level of existence of everything that is”
    Collectively, we are that one voice of reason that bring order to chaos within the cosmos.

  49. You can believe or not believe whatever you want. Your opinion, humorous, arrogant, or caustic responses do not make you right and everyone else wrong. We’ll all find out who’s right when our time comes…

  50. I’m glad to be a German. Our education system is so well, no lies about any gods. The truth is sad. Of course. Who wants to die? Nobody. But it is what it is.
    I think God is my dick…

  51. So…is Kaku more intelligent than Lawrence Krauss? Stephen Hawking? Neil DeGrasse Tyson? I would consider them peers. You point to one physicist who gives an unscientific opinion about science, and I can point to others who will disagree. Speaking as an intelligent person by every standard measure, I can tell you that we can be wrong. Also, given our ability to rationalize the irrational and sound incredibly confident doing it, we can be abysmally, monumentally wrong. Kaku is intelligent, but he is fallible. Unless he can prove this creator, he has nothing but an opinion, and his god is a god of the gaps. He’s adding a mystery to explain a mystery. “Order” isn’t evidence of intelligence.

  52. It’s interesting that he should make the statement, “These ideas will no doubt make atheist heads explode, because the more intelligent people come to accept that there is a God, the more atheists will look foolish”

    This implies that the people who currently believe in God are of low intelligence. Therefore if we can just dumb down the intelligent people there will be more who accept the possibility of there being a God.

    Interesting theory and I’m sure the Atheists will relish the proposition that there has been an expansion of the number of foolish people who have been drawn into the fantasy.

    • God is a male being. For when it is said that he is a king and the great God almighty. Male is the only one that hold the title of a king. He said that he has made man in his own image, which means there are many other creature in the world, but mankind has he made to reflect his exact image. Females are to subjected to the male, which is there head. Male are to be subjected to Christ Jesus, which is our head. Christ Jesus is subjected to God the father, which is his head. If God is not a male, then why is he referred to has our father? And, can in all fairness, a woman be a father in the true nature of the world? Think…..

  53. Why do you all need this “creator”, either to fight for or fight against? The arguments / debates both here and generally, pro and con, are absurd to me. Millions of people all arguing and fighting over whether their “god” is best or correct – or even exists at all. The reality is, while alive, non of you know either way and, barring the “god” itself standing in time square for all to see, you will never know so why spend so much of your energy trying to force it. Following something by blind faith, either pro or con is insane and completely illogical.

    Anyone that claims there is definitely no god yet has no ability to precisely explain why the universe appears so uniform / predictable and a multitude of other things seems, well, uninformed to say the least.

    However, for me, pretty much all religions view their “god” as an all knowing all powerful being or being(s). Any being that is all knowing and all powerful yet still allows the kind of suffering present in this world, quite frankly doesn’t deserve anyones adoration. Thats not to say such a being doesn’t exist, but to worship it seems very wrong to me, it’s like worshiping Stalin but worse. Also, if said suffering is allowed here on this world, why does everyone expect the afterlife to be so black and white – amazing in heaven and awful in hell??

    To me, being a good human being has nothing to do with, and no requirement on, religious teaching unless you are using it to scare children about some apocalyptic afterlife. Completely shunning the possibility of a god is ignorant because you don’t know any better. I just hope we can all one day decide to stop arguing and killing each other over infallible unicorn stories and instead come together as people and work together to try to do what is best for this small blue rock in space that we all have to share.

  54. We, as a race of human beings are responsible for ourselves. The God concept has nothing to do wIth how we treat each other. To think that all that is happening in the universe as well as our little space just happened by chance, might be the biggest mistake we make.

  55. Yes God created the universe for is the source the A1 energy DNA was all created by a highly intelligent energy that we can never comprehend the enormity of this compared the universe to planet earth we are a speck

  56. Morons There is no God period end of story. no God would allow the kind of things that are occurring in our present World. Famine, Dictatorships, on and on and yet all these moron still look for God to save them from this misery. How fucking stupid can you be. NO!!! GOD!!! would allow this to occur in the first place. Grow a fucking brain and take charge of your own life and be a good person and that is all you can ask for

  57. You should read the Enneads. The Roman philosopher Plotinus describes God. But not the God that impregnated his mother to go on a suicide mission so people can be forgiven sins against him and keep their Sin License. Snakes dont talk.

  58. Of course there is a God. Have you ever listened to the wind? Miracles are all around us. Trees go to sleep in the winter and wake in the spring. Life goes on everyday. We are surrounded by beauty and all that is amazing. Child birth is a miracle. Yes there is a God.

  59. He didn’t say which god it could be. Plus he didn’t say that this god or gods answers prayer or interacts in human affairs or even cares about what happens on this planet. For all we know Kaku could be a deist. Even so he didn’t provide any empirical evidence that could be tested. All he really did was put forth a hypothesis. If he could prove said hypothesis then I would change my views and no longer be an atheist as it would only take one piece of verifiable evidence to end atheism once and for all.

  60. I am not atheist but this doesn’t really prove their is a God just that the universe could’ve went one way or the other organized or just a mess , and I do believe in a higher power but I just don’t think this is enough to go on .

  61. I believe there is A GOD who made the world .and knows every human being .He knows every thing we do good and bad he allows us to accept him or not .some day he will call his children home . To heaven he sent his son as our ransom, you must believe and ask forgiveness for your sins God is love he made us to look different but loves all the same .He is NOT A RACIST. These are my beliefs. God bless America and help us be good Stewart’s of your WORLD. AMEN

  62. I don’t buy it. There’s nothing more random or brutal than natrurql selection. An omnipotent God would not have stopped at letting the gene pool determine physical traits by the luck of the draw. And why isn’t there any way of finding the Supreme Being. The universe is infinite calls not returned.

  63. We know that God exists and that He created everything because we have read the Bible and seen His handy work in the earth and how it just keeps on renewing itself.

  64. My reason for believing in God, is very simple. H2O ,water. Every liquid in the universe holds to the fact that it is less dense than its solid form, with the exception of water,if this were to be true for water as well, ice would sink rivers and lakes would freeze from the bottom up and not have enough time to thaw in the spring and summer and there would be no life on earth.

  65. Why anyone who is intelligent would push a mythological god concept as factual, is beyond any level of comprehension. That is unless they are being paid to push an agenda to keep the masses dumbed down and stupid and dependent on something they are about to release as real, when they know full well it isn’t. Kaku can’t be trusted if this is what he is engaged in and everything he says has to now be questioned as agenda pushing rhetoric, and examined thoroughly. There is no male deity controlling or designing anything nor has there ever been any semblance of evidence that there is and anyone who is saying that such an entity exists is either naive, gullible or stupid or they are trying to misdirect the public for some reason. People need to think about why this patriarchal agenda is being furthered by people who are supposed to be informed and what and whose money is behind it as well.

  66. “Ours is a universe of order, beauty, elegance and simplicity…I have concluded that we are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence,”
    This is Mr. Kaku’s decision. It doesn’t mean that there is God. Still it is ‘to be or not to be’ — the old dilemma. Decision and ultimate truth isn’t the same thing. Let’s say a mystery is a mystery until we can solve it.

  67. I read the article. I watched the video. It’s not the first time I have read or watched this guy. And guess what? I still don’t feel foolish. I don’t feel stupid. And I still think an invisible space elf ruling over everything is a fairy tale and utter nonsense.

  68. So if theirs a God , and religious teaches us so , why are the men/women in charge hell bent on creating chaos ? .
    Wars have been fought over in the name of religion for many years , so many innocent people die at the hands of religious nuts & meglomaniacs , and yet they pray to God’s in the names of many religions , does this mean one God or many gods ? .
    Science and religion should go hand in hand to prove the existence of a creator , if they can’t prove the fact there for how would this man know the fact that the universe is chaos , not rhyme nor reason to happenings , they just happen for no apparent reason .
    Words of clever or the illusion of clever people have been used for over a thousand years , but always at a cost of massive loss of human life , to please the blood lust of man .
    We have the illusion of a hierarchical place amongst all nature , we slaughter with impunity , all in the name of material wealth and power over others .
    Is that also gods plan ? Not what religion teaches us , unless the books written by clerics , and apostolite people’s was nothing more than books dreamt up by others to project a belief in a God who is almighty and ever seeing and doing his will upon the human race . Why would a God sit back idle and watch his creation exact such cruelty on all others ????

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